Thorough testing ensures the highest quality concreteavailable in Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Here at Easycrete, we pride ourselves on the high quality of the concrete we deliver to trade and commercial customers across the South East, but how do we test to that quality? It’s a simple matter of cube testing.
As proud recipients of the British Standards Institute (BSI) Kitemark, we can be relied upon to produce concrete for our trade and commercial domestic customers that meets all relevant standards for safety purposes. To achieve this, we have had to show that we hit the standards imposed by the BSI, regularly and consistently.
In order to do so, samples are selected from every new batch of concrete. These are simple cubes, about 6” on every edge and they serve a very specific purpose.

checking the compressive strength of the concrete cube

Once drawn out and formed from the new concrete batch, these cubes are left to cure and harden under optimum conditions, so that an accurate reading can be taken. Our team of specialist concrete technicians then ensure that these samples are carefully kept, labelled and indexed for future use or inspection by the BSI. By comparing our cubes to the standards for various concrete formulations, they are able to confirm that our bespoke batches of concrete for our trade and commercial customers are suitable for use.

Here at Easycrete, we are proud of our BSI Kitemark certification and work hard to adhere to the high standards that the Institute imposes on all in the concrete industry that are members. As far as we are concerned, all of our customers deserve nothing less than the very best in concrete solutions and, as our BSI Kitemark attests, we are the very company to ensure that our customers receive just that.

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