common concrete myths exposed for our clients in guildford and beyond

Every industry sector has its myths. Or rather, every industry sector has those certain preconceived ideas that float among the general public and are rarely, if ever, corrected. Certainly, the concrete in Guildford industry is no difference. Over the many years that we have acted as concrete suppliers to businesses across Guildford and the rest of the South East, the Easycrete team has come across the same preconceptions, time and time again.

To help dispel some of the misinformation out there, and to give our clients a better idea of how concrete actually words, we have put together the following list of common concrete myths, along with a little explanation of the actual truth.

Myth #1: Concrete is always grey in colour

Yes and no. Base concrete tends to be a rather drab grey, which goes some way to explaining the popularity of this myth. However, just looking around proves this not to be true. Mineral colourants can be added at the mixing stage to produce a whole variety of striking colours, depending on the client’s requirements.

Myth #2: Concrete and cement are fundamentally the same thing

Anyone involved in the construction industry will (we hope) already know this to be a myth, but its surprising how many laymen consider the terms concrete and cement to be interchangeable. In reality, cement is just one of several ingredients used to make a high-quality concrete, alongside aggregates, water, and other additives.

Myth #3: Concrete is waterproof

Given its ubiquitous nature in the construction industry, we often look upon concrete as being an impermeable material, resistance to moisture from water and other liquids. After all, if you throw a bucket of water at a concrete wall, it just drips down and slides off, right? Well, kind of. In fact, any kind of concrete is porous in nature, no matter how dense the mix might be. Whilst some denser concrete are better placed to prevent water penetration, water damage can occur with any kind of concrete, given sufficient time and pressure.

Myth #4: A concrete sealant can be removed using acid

Definitely not! To all of our customers in Guildford and beyond we have to issue a stark warning on this oddly pervasive myth. Acids (not to mention many other chemicals) can seriously damage the structural integrity of any concrete base. If you need to remove a concrete sealant, we recommend using a solvent or a commercial sealant stripper.

Myth #5: You can lay concrete at any time of the year

Technically, this is true. However, to maximise the concrete’s durability, it needs to be laid under optimum conditions. This means that laying your concrete in either the freezing cold or scorching heat can have a detrimental effective on its quality and subsequent durability. This applies to both volumetric concrete and ready-mixed concrete and any responsible concrete supplier will always recommend that you lay your concrete when the weather is somewhat mild.

Here at Easycrete, we have been providing the people of Guildford and the rest of the South East with the very best in volumetric concrete and ready-mixed concrete Guildford solutions for decades. If you want to speak to professional concrete suppliers who know the difference between fact and fiction, give us a call today on 01342 893 289. A member of our team will be only too happy to answer all of your concrete-related queries before providing you with a free, no-obligation quote.