volumetric concrete vs ready mixed concrete which is best

Here at Easycrete we have been providing high quality concrete solutions to our customers in Croydon and beyond for decades. Unlike some concrete suppliers in the South East region, we deal in both volumetric concrete and ready-mixed concrete, which means we’ll always have the right construction-grade material for you, whatever your specific requirements might be.

That said, you might be wondering yourself whether volumetric concrete offers your construction project an advantage over ready-mixed concrete, or vice versa. As the region’s foremost experts in the matter, we’ve put together this brief list of the differences between the two, to better help our customers in Croydon and further afield answer that question for themselves.

Defining volumetric concrete and ready-mixed concrete

Before we start, let’s cover the basics – what is the difference between the two types of concrete? Fundamentally, it’s a question of where, when, and how they are mixed. Volumetric concrete arrives in a lorry, in its composite forms. That is, you receive the amount of cement, aggregates, and other additives required to make up the concrete you’ve ordered on-site. With ready-mixed concrete, the order has already been mixed at our plant, and it turns up to you in barrels, ready for pouring.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the advantages each has for a given scenario.


In general terms, you can fit more volumetric concrete into a lorry than you can ready-mixed concrete. As volumetric concrete comes as the base materials, you’re not only limited by the size of the truck bed. Ready-mixed concrete Croydon, by definition, is already mixed, so it has a greater volume than the raw materials, as well as coming in barrels that take up their own space. Of course, this might not be of concern to our Croydon clients, depending on the size of the project in question.


With volumetric concrete, you’re mixed up the base materials on site. If you’ve overbought, you can either hang onto those materials for another project or (assuming they’re unused) return them to your concrete supplier. Ready-mixed concrete is already starting to cure once the barrel has been opened. This means that if you’ve overestimated your requirements, you’re going to end up with a lot of good concrete Croydon going to waste.

Time Limitations

Ready-mixed concrete is usually good for a couple of hours once you’ve opened the barrel it arrives in, which makes it great for time-sensitive jobs. With volumetric concrete you can mix and apply as needed, making it a more useful choice for longer projects.

Project Size

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the project, the more likely volumetric concrete is going to be the necessary solution. Not only do you get more per truck-load, you can also scale up the mix if needed. For less expansive project, ready-mixed concrete is an ideal solution, allowing for a quick start with no additional mixing time.


Given that it is mixed on-site and you need only use the materials required for the job at hand, volumetric concrete proves extremely economical. With ready-mixed concrete, a simple miscalculation can lead to excess concrete being ordered, with many concrete suppliers charging a fee for disposing of any waste concrete.

Whether you require volumetric concrete or ready-mixed concrete for your construction project in Croydon or further afield, call the South East’s foremost concrete supplier, Easycrete. Get in touch on 01342 893 289 and speak to a member of our friendly and professional staff who will be able to confirm the best kind of concrete for your specific needs.