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Concrete Pumping

As versatile a construction material as it is, it will come as no surprise to say that concrete can be difficult to manoeuvre around a building site or other construction project if you lack the necessary tools. Not so long ago it had to be carted manually from one side of a site to the other – a time-consuming and labour-intensive method that was far from efficient. Thankfully those days are over, thanks to concrete pumping technology.


What type of pump do you need?

Line  Pump

The simplest method of concrete pumping, line pumping consists of a long and flexible tube that is laid across the ground of the building site and and our concrete is fed into the pump, to deposit the concrete where you want it to be.

Boom Pump

While functionally the same as line pumping, boom pumping incorporates a mechanical boom arm into its set up. This acts as a bridge for the concrete pumping pipe, enabling the concrete to be pumped up and over obstacles in the way, be it another vehicle, a boundary wall, or even a building.

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