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Self-Compacting Concrete (SSC)

Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a flowing concrete that does not require vibration and, indeed, should not be vibrated. It uses superplasticisers and stabilisers to significantly increase the ease and rate of flow. It achieves compaction into every part of the mould or formwork simply by means of its own weight without any segregation of the coarse aggregate.

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Why use Self-Compacting concrete?

It can be concluded that Self-compacting concrete helps to improve the environment of the construction locations by reducing noise produced in the plants and construction fields and reducing the labour (Reduction manpower) where concrete is being cast. In the other word, the SCC is an ideal type of concrete that can be used for section which have narrow spaced reinforcement and architecturally demanding. It can be used for all structural applications which require higher efforts in order to gain sufficient compaction.


  • Labour reduction hence cost reduction.

  • Better bond to reinforcing steel with concrete.
  • Improved structural Integrity.

  • Accelerates project schedules, hence saves finance later.

  • Reduces skilled labour.

  • Flows into complex forms.

  • Reduces equipment wear.

  • Minimizes voids on highly reinforced areas, hence better durability.

  • Produces superior surface finishes.
  • Superior strength and durability.

  • Allows easier pumping procedure.

  • Fast placement without vibration or mechanical consolidation.

  • Lowering noise levels produced by mechanical vibrators.

  • Produces a uniform surface.

  • Allows for innovative architectural features

  • Health and safety benefits (as no vibration is required).

  • Faster construction times.

  • Increased workability and ease of flow around heavy reinforcement.

  • Excellent durability. 

  • Having no need for vibrating equipment spares workers from exposure to vibration. No vibration equipment also means quieter construction sites.

  • Improved construct ability.

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