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Screed is an essential component of any well-finished floor. It’s a highly versatile material with a number of applications in the construction industry and nobody makes it better than Easycrete. At its heart, screed is a mixture of sand and cement, similar to mortar and is often applied as a thin layer on top of a previously laid concrete sub-floor. It is easier to control than regular concrete, which is an important consideration if you’re going to be laying down paving slabs or tiles. 


What Easycrete can do for you


When we formulate a batch of screed, we need to know everything about your project, particularly the size of the area you’re intending to cover. Retarder extends the workable life of the screed. Like any cement or concrete derivative, screed begins to harden when exposed to air. Because it is applied in a thin layer, it can dry quicker than you expect. For larger jobs, we can add retardants to the mix that inhibit the drying out process, giving you more time to work with it.


The purpose of screed is to affix a top layer of flooring to the concrete sub-floor. Adding fibres to the mix makes for greater adhesion and a stronger grip. Well recommended for any floor likely to see a lot of foot traffic in its lifetime.

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