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Foam Concrete

Foam concrete comes under a lot of different names – lightweight cellular concrete, low density cellular concrete, aircrete and foamcrete, to name but a few – but they all mean the same thing. Technically a cement-based slurry, foam concrete is perfect for

filling up large voids in a hurry as is requires no compacting when you lay it on site. Ideal for housing a newly-fitted septic tank, or filling a dangerous void space where a cellar used to be, foam concrete also serves as an effective insulation solution.


Foam concrete delivered on site

At Easycrete, we are happy to provide you with a delivery of foam concrete direct to your building site, regardless of how large or small the job might be. Mixed to the same high standards as our other concrete formulas, you maintain strength and solidity whilst operating with a less dense concrete that will rapidly fill even the largest of void spaces, saving you time and expense in the process.

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