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Concrete Floors

Most concrete floors are a simple affair. When you first make contact with us we’ll need a few details such as likely loads, finishes and so on, as well as the area and depth of the concrete floor itself. From here we can produce a realistic estimate of the amount of concrete you need to complete your project, ensuring minimal wastage.


High-standard screed available on request

If your concrete order is intended to lay down a sub-floor at the site, then you’re in luck. At Easycrete, we also produce the very best in flooring screed, essential for setting down that all-important top layer of the floor, whatever it might be. With fibres and hydration retardants which can be added to the mix if required to ensure it sets only when you need it, we would rest our reputation on it being the best possible screed.

For most concrete floors, a ready-mixed concrete will be perfectly fine. Mixed and batched at our Godstone site and delivered in an appropriately sized drum, it will produce a quality concrete floor with a smooth finish. 

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